Connor McGregor Sends NBA Mascot To The Hospital

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onJune 10, 2023 Comments0

One of the most famous, and at one point, the richest athlete in the world, Connor McGregor, has sent a team mascot to the hospital after getting into an altercation with one at an NBA game.

The punch was reportedly just supposed to be a joke, and part of a skit. However, it seems that McGregor had punched the mascot a little too hard because the person in the mascot was sent to the hospital shortly after.

The event happened during game four of the NBA Finals, which was the Miami Heat versus the Denver Nuggets. On videos and live Television, you can see McGregor throw a strong punch that immediately had put the mascot to the floor.

If you have seen the video, you can definitely notice that the punch seemed way too hard to be a skit. Connor McGregor is supposed to fight Michael Chandler in the UFC sometime this year. Who knows if this event could affect McGregor’s performance.


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