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Boat With Migrants Crashes Leaving Over 50 Dead

A wooden boat, headed for Italy, carrying a significant amount of migrants, has broken apart killing over fifty people on Sunday, February 26th. The boat had taken off from Izmir, Turkey, a city on the far west side of Turkey. It was supposed to dock in Steccato di Cutro, a southern Italian city.

There were approximately one-hundred-fifty people aboard the ship when it crashed. The boat trip was expected to take approximately three days. Among the deaths on the boat included babies and very young children.

According to reports, when the boat crashed, many people were grabbing on to parts of the boat which hadn’t fully submerged yet. The ones who weren’t killed, were taken to the hospital immediately for further treatment.

One of the main criticisms that had come from this was the lack of caution the boat driver had taken. The weather was expected to be extremely harsh during the next couple days, but they had gone anyway. There are still ongoing investigations on the incident, but it seems that the boat crashed into some sharp rocks, which caused it to sink.

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