Biden To Send 1,500 U.S. Troops To Southern Border

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onMay 3, 2023 Comments0

The Biden Administration has announced that they are approving one-thousand-five-hundred troops, to help out with the Mexican border crisis. There is reportedly going to be an expected rapid increase in immigration.

The United States military will be down there for approximately ninety days. According to Fox News, the Biden Administration had developed an asylum rule which will bar immigrants from being able to claim asylum if they cross over the border illegally.

There has been a lot of problems with the United States border over the past couple years ever since Biden has been in office and it only seems to be getting worse every day.

Now that Biden wants to increase security on the border, it seems like something very similar to what former president Donald Trump had done.  Although, it is strange that Joe Biden is doing this, because most democrats and liberals would definitely not approve of this.


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