Bernie Sanders Announces Plan To Raise Minimum Wage To $17/Hour

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onMay 6, 2023 Comments0

The senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders, has announced that he will create a plan to raise the minimum wage to seventeen dollars an hour.

Sanders stated that the American people need this wage increase so they can keep up with the rising inflation. He said that Americans shouldn’t be working fifty hours a week, just to make minimum wage.

Sanders seems to think that more Americans would be able to live with more financial security if the minimum wage goes up. However, this makes no sense, because raising the minimum wage would also cause the inflation rate to rise.

This will end up causing more Americans to go into poverty and not be able to afford common necessities. Right now, the federal minimum wage across America is $7.25, but will most likely raise over the next coming years.


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