Bag Of Cocaine Found In The White House

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onJuly 6, 2023 Comments0

According to multiple reports, a white powdery substance has been found inside of the White House. That substance turned about to be identified as cocaine.

The substance had been discovered by the Secret Service on Sunday, July 2nd. According to CBS News, it was found in a closed bag near an entrance where tourists have to leave their phones.

Although it was determined to be Cocaine, it is still a mystery as to how the substance had gotten into the White House. The Secret Service is still currently investigating the incident by reviewing footage from the security cameras.

Many celebrities and popular political figures have greatly discussed this issue, including former President Donald Trump. In a recent post on Trump’s social media app, Truth Social, he stated that it wouldn’t surprise him if Hunter and Joe Biden were the ones that had brought the cocaine into the White House. Hopefully we receive some answers shortly.


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