8-Year-Old Girl Kiled At Southern Border

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onMay 19, 2023 Comments0

An eight-year-old girl has reportedly died at the United States border on Wednesday, May 17th. The girl died while being under custody by the United States border patrol.

The young girl had reportedly passed away from a medical emergency. This has been the second reported death of a young child in the past couple weeks.

Just last week a seventeen-year-old boy had also passed away at the United States border patrol.

The removal of Title 42 has seemed to cause a lot more chaos at the border, as many expected. Border officials have no control over the situation at all.

President Joe Biden has once again shown his incompetence and lack of intuition as another young child has died on his border. With the number of migrants that are overwhelming the border officials, it will be interesting to see what solution, if any, that President Biden has.


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