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78 Killed In Ramadan Celebration Stampede

At least seventy-eight people have been killed in Yemen after a stampede occurred at a Ramadan event. Over seventy people were injured during the stampede as well.

Rescue units and police had reportedly gotten to the scene as quickly as they could. According to multiple reports, the main cause of the stampede was because a group of people were handing out nine-dollar charity donations.

Yemen is going through the one of the worst humanitarian crises right now, as thousands of individuals are in dire need of basic human necessities. During Ramadan, many wealthy Islamic people hand out money to the less fortunate.

Unfortunately, many of the citizens in Yemen live in extremely harsh conditions where they suffer from a lack of food and water. Because of this, any amount of money will help them out a lot.

According to NBC News, the United Nations had a target of raising 4.3 billion dollars towards the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. However, they only raised about 1.2 billion dollars.

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