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2 Arrested After Birthday Party Shooting Leaves 4 Dead

Two teenagers have been arrested after a shooting at a Sweet Sixteen party in Dadeville, Alabama. Four people were reportedly killed in the shooting on Saturday, April 15th. The two suspects of the shooting were arrested on Tuesday, April 18th.

These two suspects were sixteen-year-old Travis McCullough, and seventeen-year-old, Ty Reik McCullough. Both of these teenagers will reportedly be charged as adults.

The victims of the shooting were eighteen-year-old Phil Dowdell, twenty-three-year-old Corbin Holston, seventeen-year-old Shaunkivia Smith, and nineteen-year-old Marsiah Collins. Phil Dowdell, was Alexis Dowdell’s (the birthday girl’s) brother.

According to multiple reports, at least thirty-two people have been injured during the shooting. Multiple are currently in critical condition as well. There has still been no motive found to why these two teenagers would do this, but investigations are still ongoing.

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